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Assalaam Alaikum Warahmatu’llah Wabarakatuh.

Today marks the end of the Hajj, the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca as we usher
in Eid Al-Adhuha. Alhamdulillah. Eid Mubaraka! Kulu aamu wantum bikhair.
The Uganda Muslim Lawyers’ Association (UMLAS) extends its congratulations to
all its members and the entire muslim Community on the auspicious occasion of Eid
Al- Dhuha, one of the most special and celebrated Muslim festivals, characterized by
the feast of sacrifice and reflecting upon the commitment made by Prophet Ibrahim
(ASW) to Allah, values of service, compassion, and charity to the less fortunate, gift
giving and thanksgiving for the blessings in life.

But as we celebrate, we would like to express serious concern over the skyrocketing
prices of fuel, food and commodities in the Country and appeal to the Government
to stem the tide of inflation whilst urging traders to desist from the habit of arbitrarily
increasing the price of these necessities. We also appeal to politicians to consider
politics as a service to the Nation.

This year’s Eid Adhuha celebrations also come at a time of increased insecurity and
attacks by robbers on our businesses and homes and along routes, we call upon the
security agencies to urgently address this dangerous situation.
Be that as it may Eid is a great occasion that brings people closer to each other and
eradicates selfishness from individuals. We urge you to seek Allah’s mercy through
sacrifice, and sharing with family, friends and neighbours the little that you have so
as to spread our humaneness.

May you have a spectacular celebration of this auspicious occasion, May our
sacrifices be appreciated and all our prayers answered by the almighty. May this Eid
bring us peace, prosperity, happiness in our lives, love in our hearts, wisdom in our
minds, good luck in everything, fortune and wonderful moments to cherish forever
for you and your families.



Click here to View / Download the Original Message in Portable Document Format (PDF)

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