Vision: To deliver high value, dedicated and professional services that meet our client’s expectations in the region, known for our reliability,
professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

Mission: To assist businesses by providing them with high-quality assets, equipment, and logistical support, enabling them to thrive and achieve their goals.


Amity Finance LTD is a Uganda based company, specializing in asset leasing, equipment rental, and logistics services. The company provides reliable and cost-effective solutions to businesses in need of assets, equipment, and logistical support. We provide innovative finance solutions to large, medium size and small organizations, Non- Government Organizations and government institutions through Direct financing or vendor financing programs for all types of assets required by the customers in the telecommunications, retail, manufacturing, medical, education, energy, mining, construction, agriculture, transport and financial sectors. 

We are headquartered in Uganda, but with presence in Kenya and financing both private and public entities across the entire COMESA (Common markets for eastern and southern Africa) countries courtesy of our Pan African relationships with leading funding and equity partners.


We are committed to delivering exceptional services to our clients by offering a wide range of assets and equipment for lease or rental, along with comprehensive logistics solutions. The company’s team consists of experienced professionals with expertise in asset management, equipment rental, and logistics operations. Our services have a direct impact on service delivery, cost reduction amongst other financial and non-financial benefits. As an independent Leasing company, we work to deliver our products and services through our original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). We select to only work with highly reputed industry leaders in their specific professional fields and we make it mandatory to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) for every delivery of Asset or Equipment that is undertaken on lease or short-term rental period


Our Core Values:

Promoting Safety:
At Amity Finance, safety is our utmost priority. We are committed to providing a secure and trustworthy environment for our clients’ financial transactions and investments. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your sensitive information and ensure peace of mind for all our stakeholders.

Delivering Unwavering Success:
We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our team of dedicated professionals works tirelessly to achieve unparalleled success for our clients and stakeholders. We understand that your financial aspirations are unique, and we are here to help you reach your goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.

Enhancing Cost Efficiency:
Amity Finance is dedicated to optimizing your financial journey by reducing unnecessary costs and maximizing returns. Through our efficient services and expert financial advice, we aim to make the most of your resources, providing you with the best value for your investments.

core activities

a) Route Planning and Optimization: Convoy managers are responsible for planning the most efficient routes considering factors such as distance, road conditions, traffic patterns, and legal requirements. They leverage advanced routing technologies and real time traffic updates to optimize the convoy’s journey, minimize travel time, and reduce fuel consumption.

b) Vehicle Coordination: Convoy managers coordinate the scheduling and deployment of vehicles, including trucks, trailers, and specialized transport equipment. They ensure that the right vehicles with the appropriate load capacities are assigned to each convoy, maximizing the utilization of resources.

b) Safety and Security: We prioritize safety and security measures to protect personnel, equipment, and materials during transportation. We implement comprehensive safety protocols, conduct driver training programs, and enforce compliance with regulations related to hazardous material handling and transportation.

c) Communication and Tracking: Effective communication is vital in convoy management. We establish clear lines of communication with drivers, logistics teams, and clients to provide updates, address issues, and maintain transparency throughout
the convoy’s journey. We utilize tracking systems to monitor the convoy’s progress, enabling real-time visibility and proactive problem-solving.

d) Risk Management: We assess and manage potential risks associated with convoy operations. This includes identifying potential hazards, implementing risk mitigation
strategies, and maintaining appropriate insurance coverage. We are always updated on local regulations and restrictions to ensure compliance and avoid disruptions.

e) Compliance and Regulatory Adherence: We stay updated on relevant regulations, permits, and certifications required for the transportation and operation of goods. We
ensure compliance with environmental, health, and safety regulations, as well as industry-specific standards.

f) Safety Guidelines for Customers: Providing clear guidelines and instructions to our customers on the safe operation and usage of leased assets or rental equipment is essential. This includes user manuals, safety videos, or onsite demonstrations to educate customers about potential risks and safe handling procedures.

g) Compliance with Safety Standards: Adhering to local, national, and international safety regulations is of utmost importance. The company stays up-to-date with safety standards and implements them across all aspects of our operations